Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

We finally got a Snow Day! We hardly ever get snow, so its so fun when we do! We got over 8 inches and school was called off for tomorrow also! My family, neighbors, and I played in the snow ALL day! We got floats and knee boards we take on vactaion and used them as sleds! Our neighbors actually made a sled out of an old ironing board, which went really fast. We made trails down the hills and rode down them over and over again!

Our dog Keishia. We covered her up before we went outside

 Chloe fell asleep on the couch while we all played Yahtzee

 Me and my Neighbor Sarah standing at the top of the hill

All of us watching my dad get pushed down the hill!

Me and my sister(Alyssa) getting ready to slide!
My brother(Brett) sliding down the hill!...backwards

My neighbor(Sarah) almost hitting the mailbox!

Me riding down the hill on the ironing board!
Me and Alyssa!


  1. What a fun day you had Triston! We had snow at my house too and that rarely happens. Everyone loves a snow day! blessings, marlene

  2. Oh Tris! Yall had way too much fun!!! Hope you have a great day tomorrow. Gran loves you!

  3. Triston, thanks for sharing your pics and video of your snow day! It reminds me of when we used to live in St. Louis and my kids did alot of sledding on our hill! I know you're enjoying your snow days. If you have some free time check out my tutorial for making tissue holders on my blog. I've been reading on your granny's blog about how you are enjoying sewing and I posted this tutorial just for you! It might be fun to make some for your friends' purses during the cold and flu season. I enjoyed your blog and will check back often! Enjoy your day........Glenda

  4. Oh, Tris! Your videos are so good! I almost felt like I was there! I am so glad you all had so much fun!

  5. I could not figure out what you used to sled with (the ironing board) I told Dusty that it was like an old timey sled or something...very clever!!! I should have thought of that. We've had so much fun in the snow. Have you checked out my pics yet???

  6. Welcome to blog world! I linked up through your Granny's blog, hope it's okay to follow you.
    The snow sledding looks like so much fun.
    I hope you guys stay warm during the next snow storm. :-)

  7. I'm a blog friend of your grandma - I love your new blog! These videos were so fun to watch! The ironing board made a great sled. I bet your dad is sore after the workout he got pushing everyone down the hill. I enjoyed seeing the sweet pics of your dog and cat too. It is rare for GA to get so much snow. Glad you had a chance to enjoy it.

  8. I feel like I know you through your Grandmother. I love your new blog. I enjoyed the videos of everyone sledding ...especially the ironing board!! Keep up with the wonderful blog. I will be back to visit often.


  9. Welcome to blogging! I am another blogging friend of your Granny's! And I have to tell you, your blog looks like you've been doing it for a long time and not just a beginner! Way to go! Becky G. in GA

  10. G'morn, Triston & welcome!! to the wonderful world of blogging. Your Grandmother Val is such a peach & have enjoyed her friendship so.

    Oh, what fun y'all had. It is so neat to watch all the children play in snow, some for the first time. How creative one can be to have a sled ... ironing boards sound like they'd be an interesting ride for sure. You can send more of that snow up our way ... we only got 3" from this storm.

    What a beautiful pooch & kitty ... I miss mine ...

    How are you coming along with all that fabric you won in the giveaway, I am so anxious to see what all you create from it.

    It is so neat that all of you are following in your Granny's footsteps in sewing & creating beautiful things. I enjoyed every visit with your Granny ...she was one beautiful lady.

    Have a beautiful day, T ... Marydon

  11. Using an ironing board as a why did I never think of that? We used to use big old cardboard boxes!! lol Growing up, we lived near a creek where there was a hill and in the winter time it was the perfect place to go sledding. My 4 brothers and I would make our way there right after school and every weekend, oh what fun we had. Your videos brought back so many great memories:-) xox