Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fun with Granny!

Granny took me, Alyssa, and Brett to go visit May-May and Davis(Our aunt and cousin). We went out to eat while we were in Calhoun and took baby cousin Davis back with us to play. He fell asleep on the way to Granny's house and we rode around for a little while and decided to take some pictures:)

This is my favorite picture! I love the plant and the horse in the background!
A beautiful creek

Close up of the water

All of us with grandmother

Brett is obssessed with his weight!! Hahaha

Ready to ride on our Gator!

Driving the Gator!!:)

Whatever Brett does....

....Davis does!

Brett and Davis jumping over me! They had so much fun doing it for some reason! Hahah


  1. Oh I enjoyed that afternoon with you all. We really had fun doing nothing, didn't we??? I love you all. We will do it again soon.

  2. Hey, Tris! You are an excellent photographer! I like your favorite picture ethe best also! I can see what your artist eye saw in that plant with the horse in the background. I hope you continue your interest in art, photagraphy, and sewing! I am so proud of you!

  3. Hello...I just enjoyed this special ride with all of you. I grew up on my Dad's dairy/horse farm so would have loved to see all of those horses. Maybe you are going to become a seemstress but I think you have photography in your future, too. The pics are beautiful.